Seaton Community Northern Outflow Project Flooding

October 8th, 2019
Users of the Seaton Trail just south east of Forestream Road and at the Hydro line would have noticed flooding of the trail.  The flooding is the result of the new Mattamy Homes Seaton Development  Water Management design.  This design was approved by the City of Pickering and the TRCA.     The Friends of the Seaton Trail were never invited to the review of the design process.   The new development collects rain water from a large area on the plateau and channels it into a retaining pond.  This retaining pond then releases the water into a pipe that leads down the hill to a tributary creek of the Duffins Creek.  This release point is 225 meters away from Duffins Creek.   The origin tributary creek never handled the quantity or rate of water it has to handle now.    The original creeks water was moderately low volume.   So all the water would hit the valleys sandy soil and soak in and travel the remainder of its 225 meters under ground to get to the Duffins Creek.   With the increase in quantity and rate of flow the small tributary creek  can not handle the increase in  water which results in the water fanning or the valley floor out over the 225 meters  and flooding the Seaton Trail and surrounding woods.   The Friends of the Seaton has been in discussions with the City of Pickering and  TRCA since June 12, 2019 and they are all stating the project was approved and neither are to blame for the poor water management design.   The Friends  has pointed out to the City of Pickering and the TRCA that the Seaton Development Southern Outflow project is a proper design.   Water is collected from the plateau , channeled directly to the West Duffins Creek in a controlled manner.   The Friends has pointed out to City of Pickering, the manor of the City of Pickering and the TRCA that the problem will only get worst when winter comes.   The ground will freeze and more water will stay on the surface.   At below freezing temperature this flooding will form ice and greatly increase the potential of users of the trail in this area to slip and fall.   Discussions are ongoing with both organizations to first get them to admit there is a problem due to this is a poor  water management design and then start working on solutions.   If you would like to help contact us.  

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Seaton Community Northern Outflow Project Flooding
October 8, 2019
Users of the Seaton Trail just south east of Forestream Road and at the Hydro line would have noticed flooding of the trail.  The flooding is the result of the new Mattamy Homes…
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